Fun Party Games

Fun Party Games

Fun Party Games

Cow Milking Contest

Challengers step up to “Ol’ Bessie” and do their best to out-milk each other. Cow milking competitions have been an attraction at fairs and festivals for years. Now it can be enjoyed without the hassle of a live cow! Both country folk and city slickers will have lots of fun with the Cow-Milking Contest! It can be used by one person using a timer, or two contestants locked in “hand to hand” combat!

Mechanical Bull

No matter what your event, the Mechanical Bull will be the hit of the party!

Great look for photos!
Get the feeling of a real bull.
Designed to simulate real bull movements or preset movements for competitions.
Great fun for beginners to expert.
Horns and body of the bull are padded for extra safety – 18′ x 18′

Toilet Bowl Races

2 Toilet Bowl racers and inflatable track! Track is 50′ long, 15′ wide. Includes 1 staffer.