Here’s What To Do When Someone Has a Meltdown At A Kids Birthday Party

When you plan a birthday party for kids in New Jersey, you hope everyone has the best time ever! But especially when you plan birthday parties for little kids, you should expect some tantrums, meltdowns, and tears. After all, even the best princess-themed party in NJ can’t please everyone all of the time! For those moments when a guest (or even the birthday kid) has a meltdown, here are some tips from our party planning company in NJ.

Head Off Conflict By Involving Everyone In Your Themed Birthday Party

At today’s birthday parties, the birthday girl isn’t the only one getting a gift! Many parents plan a small gift for all attendees to help kids feel better. You can make this a part of your theme, like providing everyone with a sparkly tiara and magic wand at a princess themed birthday party, or a toy magnifying glass and craft for a STEM-themed birthday party. Check with parents before offering up a delicious snow cone or chocolate fountain at your birthday party—those with allergies or food sensitivities don’t want to be left out!

Provide a Private Space at Your Next Birthday Party

Birthday parties in New Jersey happen in all sorts of places, from homes to parks and everywhere in-between. When planning your party, make sure to plan a private space for things like meltdowns, rest breaks, or parent interventions. Remember that little children really aren’t good at containing their emotions, but they do a lot better when they can collect themselves in private. As an alternative, find a way to grab the attention of the kiddos who are still having a good time and direct them away from the child who is struggling.

Manage the Party Environment With Structured Kids Birthday Activities

When kids are left alone too long, there are bound to be conflicts. Don’t wait for it to happen—manage the environment with a series of structured kids’ birthday activities. This not only prevents “kid drama,” but helps to ensure that there is always something fun to look forward to. Perhaps your superhero party starts with a costume parade for all the guests, then moves onto the inflatable obstacle course, then proceeds with cake and gifts… think the kids are getting bored? No way! Next up is the professional character actor to lead another superhero mission!

Filling your kids birthday party with fun events, games, and activities, as well as preparing for the meltdowns when they inevitably happen, helps everyone to have a better time. Plan for success at your child’s next birthday party when you hire the expert party planners at Parties for Peanuts!