Hire NJ’s Best Children’s Party Planners for Your School’s Graduation or Summer Party

The children’s entertainers at Parties for Peanuts in NJ love birthday parties—and all the other parties! This summer, we are looking forward to a warm, fun season filled with graduation parties, summer parties, and of course more birthday parties! Keep reading to see what we can bring to your summer party in NJ.

Rent Big Toys and Inflatables For Your NJ Graduation Event

Go big for the end of the school year! Whether you’re planning a graduation event for big kids who’d rather take selfies than make crafts, hosting a “continuation” party for kindergarteners or fifth graders who are moving onto their next grade, or just celebrating summer vacation for your kids’ organization, you need the biggest entertainment at the end of the year. Rent inflatable obstacle courses, bounce houses, dunk tanks, and so much more for your graduation event or end-of-school year party!

Bring Special Snacks to Your Summer Birthday Parties

If you’re planning a summer party or summer birthday party, there’s no better time for themed snacks! Everyone loves cotton candy and snow cones, but they’re even better when they’re coordinated with your ocean themed party, circus themed party, or video game themed party!

Saddle Brook’s Best Entertainers Bring Character Guests To Your Party

For an amazing party, especially for young children, a character guest could be the best part of the event. Fortunately, the children’s entertainers at Parties for Peanuts know how to ham it up and bring your child’s favorite character to life! Would your princess themed birthday party be better with a real, live princess? Of course! Would a visit from a certain webbed superhero turn your summer bash into a celebrity sighting? It sure would! Our team has the most popular costumes and styles and loves to bring your child’s favorite pop culture characters to life! Celebration is a part of life, and what better time to celebrate than in the summer? Call Parties for Peanuts today to start planning your next summer birthday party in NJ.