Professional Children’s Entertainers in NJ Share Tips On Affordable Kids’ Birthday Parties

The pandemic is loosening its grip, vaccinations are readily available, and life is getting back to normal in New Jersey. Birthday party time! But right as you plan your child’s best birthday party ever, inflation jumps up and puts a damper on everything. Can you still host that princess theme party? Will you have to eat plain bread and only imagine that birthday cake? Will your child’s favorite animal character have to wait until next year? Don’t cancel that kids’ birthday party! Keep reading for expert tips on birthday party planning, party supply costs, and tips to keep everting affordable.

Kid’s Party Tip #1: DIY Party Favors

Many parents these days make sure that party guests go home with a present for themselves, not just the birthday kid. You don’t want to send home some cheap junk that will just fill a landfill, but even little costs add up. For an affordable kids birthday party, why not DIY the party favors—craft style! Kids love making things themselves, and a DIY party favor does double-duty as a party activity. Make crowns or badges for your themed parties, decorate seasonal or themed rocks, or mix up a big batch of slime!

Birthday Tip #2: Skip the Dinner, Pile on the Snacks!

When you take kids out to a restaurant for dinner, you waste more than they eat. For your next birthday party, don’t bother with a meal at all—spend your time and resources on something that will be enjoyed for sure, like cotton candy, warmed hot dogs, or a snow cone. Schedule your party in the “in-between” hours, such as from 2-4 p.m., and let parents know that your event is snacks-only.

Princess Party Secret #3: Bring The Big Entertainment Home

Have you attended a party at a local amusement park, jumping gym, go-kart park, or any other big entertainment? Those events are not cheap—especially if you’re being a good host and paying for all those guests! If your kiddo has tons of little princes and princesses, ninja warriors, or other guests to entertain, why not bring the big entertainment right to your home? A bounce house, inflatable obstacle course, or other big item may seem daunting, but when you compare it to the cost of admission to a park, you can save big.

We can put on a party for peanuts—it’s in our name, after all! For personalized help planning an affordable and exciting birthday party for your child, call Parties for Peanuts Today!