Plan Your Spring Birthday Parties, Communion Parties, and Easter Parties for Peanuts!

Are you planning an exciting spring party? Whether you’re planning a spring birthday party for kids, a first communion party, an Easter egg hunt, or anything else this spring, why not do it for “peanuts” when you plan with Parties for Peanuts? Keep reading to get ideas for your next kids party in NJ!

Plan a Themed Kids Birthday Party This Spring
If your kid is anything like the ones we plan parties for, they have something they love more than anything in the world! Just this year, we’ve done dozens of princess themed birthday parties, unicorn themed birthday parties, kitty and puppy themed birthday parties, and video game themed parties! We’ve held tea parties with mermaids, gone to infinity and beyond with space themed birthday parties, and roared our way through dinosaur themed birthday parties. Whether you need special character actors to bring your theme to life, decoration tips, or games and snacks, our team can do it!

Holiday and Group Parties Made Easy
Does your daycare, elementary school, or church group need help planning an exciting party for a group? Parties for Peanuts in NJ has been assisting with these for years! Your child’s first communion may be a somber celebration, but the after-party will be fun for everyone when you bring a bubble show, inflatables, or themed games. Your egg hunt wouldn’t be complete without the Easter Bunny, and we’ve got his number. For older kids, Spring Break, Prom, and Graduation are upon us—we do big-kids parties too, with themes like casinos, sports, 80s and 90s throwbacks, and so much more.
If you’re planning a party, why not take some advice from the professional party planners at Parties for Peanuts? We’re sure you’ll enjoy the many party options we have for you and your guests, so call today to see how we can bring the fun!