Should You Have Technology at Your Next Kids’ Birthday Party in New Jersey?

Kids’ Birthday Party In New Jersey

When planning a kids birthday party in New Jersey, you want to give the kids what they want. For some kids that might be a mermaid themed birthday party, an ice cream themed birthday party, a festival filled with dinosaurs or zoo animals, or so much more. But ask most kids today what they really want… screen time! Should you bring technology to your kid’s birthday party? Keep reading to see how to do it in a fun, reasonable and parent-approved manner.

Keep Age in Mind When Planning A Video-Game Themed Birthday Party

Step aside princesses and friendly animals—today’s kids are requesting their favorite video game characters stop by to visit their parties! Whether your child would rather stomp mushrooms like their favorite plumber, eat a block-shaped cake, or battle it out with friends, make sure your choices are age-appropriate. Violent, multi-player games are certainly popular with kids as young as elementary school, but not all kids are ready for this sort of play. Consider the ages of your guests and the recommended ages to play those games before theming a birthday party around it.

Offer Fun, Hands-On Alternatives at Your Child’s Birthday Party

Just because your child loves screens and technology doesn’t mean the fun has to stay confined to the device! Why not send your little adventurers through a themed obstacle course from NJ’s best children’s party planners, or delight them with fun, festive snacks? Adults usually think of birthday party snacks as cotton candy, hot dogs, or slushies, but what if you re-imagine these as elements from your kid’s favorite game or online platform? With a little creativity (and stylish labels!), you can transform any old party snack into an “epic powerup!”

Build-in Structure and Limits When Your Hire a Video Game Truck For A Party

Has your child come home raving about a birthday party with a video game truck? That’s right—when home gaming setups aren’t big enough for the whole party, the best children’s party organizers have you covered! Our video truck comes equipped with five HD screens, plus two outside the truck so everyone can watch the game—up to 28 people! We bring all the best gaming systems and the most popular games. Help your guests set good limits with screen time and plan for the video game to arrive partway through the party, or for it to “go home” partway so your guests can enjoy the rest of the birthday party.

Ready to start planning the best birthday party ever? NJ’s children’s entertainers at Parties for Peanuts are here and ready to help with screen parties, theme parties, screen-free parties, or any other children’s birthday party in NJ.