Top Kids Birthday Party Entertainment Trends of 2020

Many parents are surprised to find out that there are trends—even in kid’s parties! If you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, family Easter party, first communion, or any other family-friendly gathering, you should make yourself familiar with some of these top kids birthday party entertainment trends of 2020! Read on to see how Parties for Peanuts can make your next party the best it can be!

Special Guests
From fairy princesses to action heroes, a special character guest at your next party will take it to the next level! If you’re wondering “where can I find a professional entertainer for a kids birthday party near me?” don’t worry—Parties for Peanuts works with expert children’s entertainers who can bring the magic of the special event to life! In addition to our “real” people, our costumed actors also portray cartoon characters, animals, and holiday favorites!

Take-Home Crafts
Everyone loves party favors, but many parents and kids these days want to avoid the plastic “junk” found in many gifts. Instead, give your guests an activity that keeps on giving by hosting a spin art table, slime-making station, or commemorative photo booth!

Climb-ables and Inflatables
What kid doesn’t love to climb? To make your child’s birthday party entertainment the best it can be, consider renting some big, fun equipment! Bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, and dunk tanks are sure to please everyone!

Super Snacks
Don’t risk a group of “hangry” kids! When you’re thinking about kids birthday party entertainment, make sure to plan a matching snack or meal. Your child and her guests will love a chocolate fountain, snow cones, or popcorn, or come closer to a meal and rent a hot dog warmer. We love to theme our kids birthday parties in NJ, so plan to work with our party coordinator on colors, flavors, and styles!

Ready to hire entertainment for a kids birthday party near you? Trust the expert team at Parties for Peanuts! We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and seen plenty of trends come and go. What stays the same is the fun and excitement!