Bring Your Next Family Reunion to the Next Level!

With the last bits of summer starting to give way to fall, many families across the US are planning for the best family reunion ever! At Parties for Peanuts, we spend lots of time planning parties and assisting families in New York and New Jersey planning the best party ever! Today, we’ll share some family reunion statistics and our favorite ways to bring your next family reunion to the next level!

About Family Reunions
In the olden days, family reunions were unheard of—after all, many people lived on the same land or lot as their family. In today’s world, however, young people grow up and move on—often moving “out” at the same time. However, the love for family and connection brings people back together, even across many miles. Summer is the most popular time for family reunions, and no wonder! Summer is the best time to enjoy a warm outdoor area, enjoy pools and popsicles, and the kids usually aren’t at school. So people who are looking to throw a great kids’ party in NJ know that this is the best time of year! Most people start planning their family reunion an average of 13 months in advance, so whether you are planning for the best 2020 family reunion in advance or playing “catch-up” for the 2019 party season, our next tips have you covered!

Making the Best Party Ever!
The guaranteed best part of your party should be seeing all your loved ones! We assume you have that handled; after your guest list is made, check out expert party planning services in NJ like Parties for Peanuts! We can take your regular party and make it a star-filled event, with custom character guests like our Pretty Princesses and Mister and Miss Mouse, action heroes, ninja characters, and more! Kids love these friendly, professional characters, and guests of all ages will enjoy our special snacks! The best parties this summer will have snow cones and cotton candy—can you bring these to your party? Finally, don’t forget the “big attractions.” Kids of all ages love to fly in the bouncy castle, and our dunk tanks are a great way to bring a smile to your crabbiest aunt’s face. For a party that goes beyond the basics, call Parties for Peanuts today!