Plan Fun Food to Match Your Theme!

Are you planning an amazing spring party for your child? Working ahead for a summer bash or end of the school year celebration? Whatever your party needs are, planning a kids’ party can be a lot of fun—or a lot of hassle. Fortunately, the expert party planners at Parties for Peanuts have been coordinating parties for many years, and we have learned some great tricks to share with you! If you’re wondering “what foods should I offer at my child’s party” or “how can I plan the most memorable snacks for my child’s birthday?” we have some tips for you!

Color Code It
The easiest way to match foods to your party theme is to color-code them! If you’re having an ice princess party, blue and white cakes, blue fizzy beverages, and snow cones will help to create an exciting setting. If you want a rainbow unicorn party, go all out with the rainbow cupcakes, sparkles, glitter, and don’t forget some cotton candy! Little superheroes can enjoy treats of their favorite superhero’s color, and holidays come with some built-in color schemes as well!

Theme It
Once you get the colors down, see how else your party theme works with the snacks. Labels and presentation are key here—consider the difference between “cheese plate” and “Mister Mouse’s favorite nibbles” at your Mister Mouse themed party! From decorative cupcakes to beverages with funny names, the more effort you put in, the better they’ll like it!

Check with Parents
Before you start creating, make sure to check with parents of other guests to find out about food allergies or sensitivities. Some children may have sensitivities to food dyes, additives, or certain ingredients, and a safe party is a fun party! For any food or drink options provided by Parties for Peanuts, we are happy to provide an ingredients list.

Provide Alternatives
Especially when planning a party for very young children, consider some “plain” alternatives. If little Hayden or Avery doesn’t want to drink “green fizzy monster juice,” a nice cup of water will feel safe. Having a variety of food choices ensures that all children can get something they like without a fuss.

For more great party planning ideas, check out our blog or contact the expert party planners at Parties for Peanuts for ideas!