If your child is planning a great summer party, whether that is a birthday party, an end of the school year party, a graduation event, or just a summer celebration, you want to make sure that they and their friends have the best time. What sorts of fun things should your summer celebration include? As professional party planners in NJ, we have brought plenty of
Party favors can be a controversial topic. Does every child attending a party in NJ really need a present, or should it be enough for the child who is having the party to get gifts? What if the party is not a birthday party—do you want to give out gifts at a holiday-themed or event-themed party, or are you just encouraging materialism? At Parties for
When new customers call Parties for Peanuts, they are often surprised that we ask a lot of questions. “Don’t you have a ‘standard’ package?” many will ask? While we do offer some great package deals on our services, we also make sure to get to know the situation as well as possible, so we can meet the needs of the special child, all the guests,