Bring Magic to Life for This Season’s Holiday Parties

If you haven’t started planning your holiday party yet this season, you’ll need some magic to pull it all off! Fortunately, the team at Parties for Peanuts in New Jersey is full of magic, and we have decades of experience bringing this magic with us and creating amazing, memorable party experiences! Read on for some of our party planners’ tips for making a magical winter holiday or New Year’s Eve party!

Perfectly Coordinated Theme
Start your holiday party with a perfectly coordinated theme to create a magical, special atmosphere. Consider if you want a holiday party with fun characters like Santa, year-round favorites like Mr. and Mrs. Mouse, or an ice place theme with a sparkling ice princess to wow your guests! For a children’s party, go all out with the fun and characters; for an all-ages party, consider quieter areas for adults to sit and appreciate.

Fantasy Foods
Any food can be magic with the right presentation! Thaw chilly hearts with snow-cones, summon up magic cotton candy, or delight guests of all ages with a sweet, gooey chocolate fountain! Parties for Peanuts in New Jersey has all these supplies and more, and we bring the machines and supplies right to you so you never have to struggle with the hassle of holiday party shopping.

“Real” Magic with Magicians
Once you’ve created a magical setting with stunning decorations, fun characters, and delightful treats, step up the game with some “real” magic from our talented magicians! Children and adults alike delight in these sleights of hand, and photo ops are a must!

Capture the Moment
Today’s kids are digital, and so are their parties. Give them what they want with exciting photo booths and video booths with creative props, fun backgrounds, and more! Everyone can leave the party with a custom souvenir to remember the fun!

To get started on a winter holiday party, or to hire entertainers or rent party equipment for New Year’s Eve, contact Parties for Peanuts in NJ today!