Throw a Thanksgiving Bash To Wow The Neighborhood!

It seems like the holidays come sooner and sooner each year, and if you haven’t started planning for Thanksgiving yet, you may find yourself left out in the cold! If you aren’t a big fan of spooky Halloween parties, and you find yourself spending the winter holidays with family or out of state, you may find yourself struggling to find a time to plan a fun, lighthearted holiday. Thanksgiving can be the perfect time for this, and the explosion of “friendsgiving” and neighborhood celebrations creates a perfect setting! If you’re thinking of hosting a fun Thanksgiving party this fall, don’t stress over the details—work with a professional party planning company in New Jersey for a great time! Read on to check out our favorite Thanksgiving party planning tips.

Festive Colors
Is there any better color scheme than fall leaves? We don’t think so! From your streamers to your signs, to your napkins and drink markets, keep a fun, fall theme. Don’t forget, you can order custom face painting, including classic characters that kids love, as well as autumn leaves, turkeys, and more!

Most people associate Thanksgiving with eating plenty of food, and the team at Parties for Peanuts agrees! However, if you already have one or more “official” turkey dinners planned, you may want to be a little more creative (and less indulgent!) at your party. Filling our rentable hot dog cart with turkey dogs hits it right on the head, or mix up your best pumpkin spice flavor mix to sprinkle on warm pretzels for a holiday-themed snack.

If your holidays tend to take too strong a food focus, stage this year’s excitement around the joy of entertainment! Fun holiday characters could visit your event, or try out some sharing-excitement with a photo or video booth! Make sure to have something fun for all ages, and if you’re not “keen” on what the kids are doing these days, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your favorite children’s party planners in New Jersey. We know all the ins and outs of today’s pop culture and will bring it to your event!

Ready to host the best Thanksgiving party this year? Don’t forget to give Parties for Peanuts a call to take it the next—and best—level!