Here’s What To Do When Someone Has a Meltdown At A Kids Birthday Party

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When you plan a birthday party for kids in New Jersey, you hope everyone has the best time ever! But especially when you plan birthday parties for little kids, you should expect some tantrums, meltdowns, and tears. After all, even the best princess-themed party in NJ can’t please everyone all of the time! For those moments when a guest (or even the birthday kid) has a meltdown, here are some tips from our party planning company in NJ.

Head Off Conflict By Involving Everyone In Your Themed Birthday Party

At today’s birthday parties, the birthday girl isn’t the only one getting a gift! Many parents plan a small gift for all attendees to help kids feel better. You can make this a part of your theme, like providing everyone with a sparkly tiara and magic wand at a princess themed birthday party, or a toy magnifying glass and craft for a STEM-themed birthday party. Check with parents before offering up a delicious snow cone or chocolate fountain at your birthday party—those with allergies or food sensitivities don’t want to be left out!

Provide a Private Space at Your Next Birthday Party

Birthday parties in New Jersey happen in all sorts of places, from homes to parks and everywhere in-between. When planning your party, make sure to plan a private space for things like meltdowns, rest breaks, or parent interventions. Remember that little children really aren’t good at containing their emotions, but they do a lot better when they can collect themselves in private. As an alternative, find a way to grab the attention of the kiddos who are still having a good time and direct them away from the child who is struggling.

Manage the Party Environment With Structured Kids Birthday Activities

When kids are left alone too long, there are bound to be conflicts. Don’t wait for it to happen—manage the environment with a series of structured kids’ birthday activities. This not only prevents “kid drama,” but helps to ensure that there is always something fun to look forward to. Perhaps your superhero party starts with a costume parade for all the guests, then moves onto the inflatable obstacle course, then proceeds with cake and gifts… think the kids are getting bored? No way! Next up is the professional character actor to lead another superhero mission!

Filling your kids birthday party with fun events, games, and activities, as well as preparing for the meltdowns when they inevitably happen, helps everyone to have a better time. Plan for success at your child’s next birthday party when you hire the expert party planners at Parties for Peanuts!

Throw A Trendy Kid’s Birthday Party near Saddle Brook Complete With Entertainment

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Is your birthday kid a trend setter? From first birthday parties to princess parties, superhero gatherings to holiday themes, the team at Parties for Peanuts in Saddle Brook New Jersey knows how to plan a party that any trendy attendee would love. Keep reading to see our favorite tips for a trendy, modern kid’s birthday party that everyone will love.

Feed Their Social Feeds With Birthday-Party Themed Photo and Video
Kids who can’t read yet still love socials. The photo-based nature of most media attracts kids naturally, and with appropriate parent supervision, it can be a great way to help kids navigate the world. So, if you want a trendy party for your birthday child, why not rent a photo booth or video truck to celebrate? Our rentals come with everything you need to make those pics and videos get lots of likes, including props, backgrounds, and more!

Start A Sensory Extravaganza With A Bubble Show At Your Child’s Birthday Party
Would your child foam at the mouth for foamy bubbles? Dance in a dazzling array of bubble nets? Swirl and pop smoke bubbles? Bubble shows are hot at today’s kid’s parties, and can bring joy to first birthday celebrations, princess themed parties, or anything in between. From infants to grandparents, bubble shows are a delight for everyone!

Bring Live Character Entertainment For Your Kids Party in NJ
This idea is a classic, but it doesn’t get old—hire a character entertainer for your child’s next birthday party! Does your child have a favorite animal buddy, cartoon figure, princess, or superhero who they would love to see at their party? Make it real when you hire a costumed children’s entertainer from Parties for Peanuts. Our entertainer will stay in character throughout the party, pose for photos, and have a wonderful time that your child and guests will remember for years to come.

Ready to start planning an amazing kids’ birthday party in Saddle Brook? Call Parties for Peanuts today to find the best children’s entertainers and party supply rentals.

Here’s What Your Kids Want For Their Birthday Parties in 2023

Kid's Birthday Party

Are you planning a kids birthday party in New Jersey? Make this one the best it can be when you try these awesome party planning tips for 2023! Here’s what all the kids want—and how you can make those dreams come true when you plan a kids party with Parties for Peanuts!

Fun Kids Birthday Party Activities
Nobody wants a boring birthday party! When you plan your child’s birthday party, you want them to have as much fun as they can—this can include songs and games, professional photos of your child’s big day, balloon sculptures, face painting, temporary tattoos, and tasty party snacks! If this sounds like a lot, it’s because we love to see these little ones have a great time!

Complete Your Kids’ Party in Ridgewood With Bounce Houses
What’s the number one thing you should have when holding a kids’ birthday party in Ridgewood, NJ? A bounce house! Whether you select a bounce house for a small group, or a combo bounce that has lots of places to play, your children will be delighted—and all the kids in the neighborhood will be jealous! If bouncing isn’t your child’s thing, don’t worry—our interactive inflatables have the perfect fit for any group of kids.

Bring A Character To Your Child’s First Birthday Party In Saddle Brook
Is there a superhero, princess, action figure, cartoon character, or friendly animal figure who your child would love to “meet” in person? Hire a professional children’s entertainer to bring that character to life! We have all the most popular kids’ themes, as well as classic holiday characters who can visit your party. Whether you have a party at home, a party at the park, or a party at a local organization like school, the children’s entertainers from Parties for Peanuts are always happy to bring the party to you!

Don’t delay when planning the best kids’ birthday party in New Jersey! Start planning now, and make sure to call Parties for Peanuts for the equipment and character entertainers that put the “wow” in your event!

Make Your Reservations Now For Next Year’s Best Kids Birthday Parties in NJ!

New Year’S Best Kids Birthday Parties In Nj

Is your child having a birthday next year? Of course they are! The real question is, does your child want the coolest kids birthday party of the year? If so, you should start planning now—especially if your kiddo has a birthday early in 2023. The best children’s entertainment options are already booking up, so start planning today. Need some ideas for an awesome kids’ birthday party? Here are our favorites!

Throw a First Birthday Party With Character Visits
A child’s first birthday party isn’t something he or she usually remembers, but the parents and friends do! What makes a better birthday tradition than letting your new one-year-old smash his face into that sweet, sweet cake, or watching all the kids run around playing games? Even better, you can bring live character entertainers to your party to amaze everyone. From classics like clowns and animal friends, to modern figures like ninjas and superheroes, Parties for Peanuts has children’s entertainment for all ages!

Get Those Kids Active With Inflatables and Bounce Houses
Today’s kids don’t get enough exercise. Fight back against that trend (and make all the kids in the neighborhood jealous!) with big inflatable toys like obstacle courses and themed bounce houses! Remember the joy you felt as a child flying over those vinyl pillows of joy? Your kids will love them just as much!

Plan a Princess Theme Party With Magical Snacks and Crafts
If you have a little princess at home, a princess theme party is the perfect match. Make it magical with special activities, crafts, and snacks themed to match! Our bubble shows are amazing for princesses of all ages, and best enjoyed with some royal cotton candy. Let those little princesses craft to their hearts’ desires with sand art or spin art, and when they’re all happily engaged, surprise them with a visit from a real princess!

When you plan a party with Parties for Peanuts, we can help make your child’s dreams come true.

Princess Theme Parties in NJ Are All the Rage! Plan Yours Today

If you have a little one waiting on a special birthday party this year, New Jersey’s top trend is princess theme! This classic kids birthday party theme has been a popular one for years, and only gets better with time. Do you have a little princess who’s ready for the most spectacular, dazzling princess party? Saddle Brook’s best children’s entertainers have some tips to help you plan!

Invite the Finest Court

Unless your little princess plans to live all alone in an ice castle somewhere, she’ll need the finest court to attend her princess duties. Whether that’s the crew from school, the next door neighbors, or all the cousins, start your princess-themed birthday party right with coordinated invitations. What should your little princes and princesses do once they arrive? Keep them busy with fun games, inflatable toys and obstacle courses, and photo opportunities!

Hire A Princess To Visit Your Party

While your princess should be the star of the day, you can never have too much princess action! Invite a “real” princess to the party when you work with Parties for Peanuts. Our children’s entertainers know how to bring magic alive and are happy to pose for photographs.

Birthday Party Foods Fit For A Princess

Your royal guests will be hungry after having so much fun! Make sure they have tasty snacks that make an impression. Cotton candy (themed to your princess’s favorite color, of course), hot dog warmers, big pretzels, and everyone’s favorite chocolate fountain give your party a royal meal.

Ready to plan your princess birthday party today? Whether it’s your little one’s first birthday party, or if she’s old enough to help with the planning, bringing in children’s entertainment for your kids party is a smart idea. Call Parties for Peanuts today to get a royal touch!