Plan the Best Summer Party for Your Child!

If your child is planning a great summer party, whether that is a birthday party, an end of the school year party, a graduation event, or just a summer celebration, you want to make sure that they and their friends have the best time. What sorts of fun things should your summer celebration include? As professional party planners in NJ, we have brought plenty of fun to kids all over. Here are some of our favorite summer party ideas!

For a great party, snacks and beverages are a must. One of the most popular products that we bring to our children’s parties in New Jersey is our snow cone machine! Capture this exciting tradition of childhood and enjoy freshly crushed ice doused with sweet, delicious, colorful syrup—customize to match your favorite flavors or the theme of the party!

While sleds and snowballs are the best in winter, in summer time, the slide is the best! Enjoy an exciting dry slide, or cool off with a water slide! Your child and their guests will be slipping, sliding, and have a ball in no time with the safe, exciting slides from Parties for Peanuts.

Dunking Time!
Isn’t it fun to go to the county fair and see people taking their turn in the dunk tank? Bring this hilarious activity to your next children’s party in NJ with a Parties for Peanuts dunk tank! Suitable for both adults and children, your guests will delight in trying to throw a ball and dunk a person! For the dunkee, it is a perfect way to cool off after a long day.

Ready to start your summer children’s party in NJ? Contact Parties for Peanuts for an exciting, affordable adventure.