Party Favors: What Makes A Fun Take-Home Gift for Guests?

Party favors can be a controversial topic. Does every child attending a party in NJ really need a present, or should it be enough for the child who is having the party to get gifts? What if the party is not a birthday party—do you want to give out gifts at a holiday-themed or event-themed party, or are you just encouraging materialism? At Parties for Peanuts, we like to help our guests come up with fun, appropriate take-home gifts for all their guests. Here are some of the ways we do it!

Make a Craft
Some of the best ways to have fun and remember that fun for years to come is to make a craft! We offer a variety of exciting crafting ideas for our parties in NJ, including spin art and sand art. When paired with a themed container or template to match the party, this can be a great way to get creative and still have something to take home and remember the big event by.

Take a Funny Photo
In today’s digital world, photos are becoming a rarity—but boy are they ever fun! We bring the joy of the classic photo booth to our children’s parties in NJ, with fun photo strips that can capture the best moments of your child’s fun with their guests. Best of all this party favor keeps on giving with great memories!

Win a Prize
Instead of giving gifts, consider having prizes for fun games! Everyone loves a good competition, and a little prize ups the stakes very effectively. Our carnival games are perfect for all skill levels, and a little prize is a fun way to distribute party favors.

Enjoy a Themed Souvenir
Looking for a way to keep your princess, superhero, or other children’s party theme going long after the fun stops for the day? Consider themed souvenirs, such as princess tiaras, superhero capes, or something else that matches your party theme.

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