Hot Kids’ Party Trends for 2019

Are you planning a party for your child this year? Many people have already gotten started on their 2019 planning, including plenty of party ideas. One of the most popular questions we hear is “how can I plan an exciting party that hasn’t been done before?” Parents, teachers, and community leaders alike are always seeking new party ideas for special events. As party coordinators in New Jersey, we stay on top of these trends so we can share the latest news with you. Here are our top upcoming trends for 2019!

Hidden Surprises
If you’ve checked out “unboxing” or product opening videos on YouTube, you know the joy from wondering (and finding out) “what’s in the box?” This concept is so popular with kids today that event planners are seeking more and more ways to hide surprises for party-goers to enjoy. Make the whole party a surprise party, hide prize items or special gifts inside of cakes or cupcakes, nest party favors inside of one another and more for an exciting surprise!

Balloons have always been a party staple, so why are they on this list? Balloons are hotter than ever, and are doing more than “just” floating around. Some of the most creative party planners are designing garlands, archways, decorations, words, and more, all with balloons! Best of all, these can be great party favors. Coordinate with your child’s favorite theme and add an extra boost of fun with characters like princesses, animals, and action figures!

When you want to plan the best kids party in New Jersey, you should think about your menu—and your guests! Mocktails are a big hit with kids today, combining the elegance and décor of a fancy cocktail without all the adult content. Crowd-pleasures include fizzy beverages (carbonated water goes far!), juices, especially tropical or exotic juices, custom shaped-and flavored ice cubes, fizzing or popping candy for the rim, and candy to float. For an icy fun fest, our snow cone machine makes perfect little cones to eat on their own or float over another beverage for color and flavor.
For a great party your child will remember for years to come, work with a professional party planner in NJ!