Try These Top DIY Party Invitation Tips

One of our favorite things to do as party planners in New Jersey is to come up with themed ideas and help party planners to coordinate the tiny details to match. After all, some of the most exciting parts of parties can be planning them and finding ways to give guests a good time at a child’s party. To start, we suggest you build excitement with a DIY party invitation that will set the mood for your whole event.

Make it Real
Everyone is doing digital invitations these days. They’re cheap, easy, and convenient. But are they really as magical as receiving an invitation in the mail? For a throwback twist on invitation, make this one something tangible—a card, note, or even a small gift can be the source of your next party invitation!

Theme it to Match
Are you planning a princess party for your little princess? An action-filled superhero event for your next evil-fighter? Something based on your child’s favorite video game, which you may not even quite understand? No matter what it is, make your party invitation match! A glittery invitation, a message from the commander requesting assistance on a mission, or a treasure chest from your child’s favorite game will let the guests know the theme and get them excited!

Important Information
Invitations should be fun, but they also need to serve a purpose. Here are the most important things to include on your invitation:
• Date
• Start AND end times
• Should guests bring a gift?
• Will food be served? When and what will be served?
• Do guests need to bring anything else (swimsuit, sleeping bag, etc.)
• Parent contact numbers
Are you ready to start planning an exciting party for your child? Parties for Peanuts has helped prepare birthday parties, holiday gatherings, special celebrations, and more! If you want to hire a custom character, rent a snow cone machine, or otherwise plan a great kids’ party in New Jersey, don’t wait—call us today to see what we have to offer!