How To Plan A Sensory-Friendly Kid’s Birthday Party in Saddle Brook

Are you planning an amazing birthday bash for a lucky kid in New Jersey? Our team of children’s entertainers and party planners travel all over NJ bringing excitement and entertainment, with everything from first birthday parties in Paramus, to back to school blasts in Bloomfield, to holiday parties in Newark. We bring as much fun and excitement as we can—but what can you do when the entertainment is too much for some of the guests? That’s where you need to think of sensory-friendly kid’s birthday party.

How Do Sensory Challenges Show Up at Kids’ Birthday Parties in NJ?

Sensory sensitivity is a term that refers to being excessively bothered or distressed by sensory input—things like bright lights, loud sounds, high-pitched noises, too much rain, too much activity… and so on. Children and adults with sensory challenges may have diagnosed health conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or a history of trauma, or may be sensitive to stimuli with certain medical conditions. Ever have a migraine where it feels like everything is “too loud” and “too bright”? This is sensory overload! Even if your little guests are excited to attend that dinosaur themed birthday party, the big “roars” and flashy decorations might be overwhelming. When kids can’t regulate their sensory needs, they are more likely to have meltdowns or tantrums, to withdraw from their favorite party games, or disrupt the professional character entertainers that you hired. Worst of all—they might not have fun!

Quiet Areas and Storytime Make Kids Birthday Parties Better

One of the best ways to build a kids birthday party that everyone will enjoy is to make some “spaces” for different types of play. Could you rent a big bouncy castle for outside, while making the inside of your party space a quiet area? Remember, quiet doesn’t have to mean “no fun!” Quiet activities like storytime from a professional princess, calming crafts like making homemade, themed fidget toys, or just a “cool down” room with drinks and soft chairs to relax on can help you avoid conflict.

Themed Ideas to Avoid and Include At Your Sensory-Friendly Birthday Party

Looking for a quick and dirty list of things to avoid at your next sensory-friendly birthday party? Loud “noisemakers,” popping balloons, screaming “surprise!” flashing lights, more than 5 people running around at the same time, video games, loud music, activities with blindfolds. What to include? A quiet space and a loud space, opportunities for movement like bounce houses and outdoor space, helpful parents, structured and planned activities, healthy snacks and beverages.

Do you know that one of your child’s guests has a hard time with sensory input? Call their parents and ask how to make the party fun for them—every child is different, and parents usually know their child better than anyone. After you’ve done some personalized brainstorming, call our team of children’s entertainers in Saddle Brook to plan the perfect party for all the kids in attendance.