What Is A “No-Gifts” Party for Kids? Should Your Kids’ Party in NJ Be Gift-Free?

There are all sorts of trends at kids’ birthday parties in New Jersey, ranging from cartoon character themes, to fun animal themes like puppies or baby sharks, to classics like princess theme birthday parties or dinosaur themed birthdays. Getting the invitation is almost as fun as seeing the part—but wait, does that say “no gifts”? Keep reading to find out more about no-gift parties and if you should consider holding one.

What is a “No-Gift” Birthday Party for Kids?

The name says it all—if a kids birthday party invite says “no gifts,” it really means “don’t bring a gift.” That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to celebrate—in fact, with the sheer volume of stuff that most kids have at home already, it means you have time to celebrate more. Your child, and the birthday kid, will have more time to interact with fun character entertainers, play more party games, and enjoy more rides and excitement without having to take time out for gifts.

Why Do Parents Ask For No Gifts at Their Kids Birthday Party?

Parents might plan a no-gift birthday party for a variety of reasons. The top-cited reason is literally “too much stuff!” While the birthday kid might enjoy some of the presents, others will likely just end up in a plastic landfill. Those who practice strong environmental stewardism, or who reject capitalist culture, may not be as interested in gifts. In addition, those who have friends and families from different economic backgrounds may not want to put anyone “on the spot.” And finally… popular kids might be attending up to 30 birthday parties per year. Does anyone really want to buy that many presents?

Should You Go “No-Gift” When Planning A Birthday Party in New Jersey?

Having or not having gifts at your child’s birthday party is a very personal decision. Remember, you can always give gifts at home from family and the closest friends, but let the “rest of the class” have some rest. For younger kids, a “homemade gifts only” rule can be an adorable alternative—think of all the crafts, drawings, and other fun your kids could have! And remember, hosting the best kids birthday party in NJ is a gift in and of itself—one everyone gets to enjoy.

Whether you’re having gifts at your next kids’ birthday party or not, make sure to boost the rest of the entertainment! The team at Parties for Peanuts in Saddlebrook is ready to plan a unicorn themed birthday party, superhero birthday bash, or anything else that would delight your child!