Plan Now for Kids Birthday Parties Near Saddle Brook

After weeks spent in lockdown, your child may feel frustrated if her or his birthday has been missed, or worried that nothing will be done to celebrate. Those of us at Parties for Peanuts in Saddle Brook, NJ know just hard these times can be, especially for kids, and have some ideas of ways to help make it better in the future. Read on to find out how to start planning a socially distant kids birthday party near Saddle Brook!

Consider Your Guests and State Orders
Each week brings its own discoveries, challenges, and hopes during the coronavirus outbreak. When planning your kids birthday party, make sure to take your state and local orders into consideration, as well as the health of your guests. Most children are lower at risk, but this doesn’t mean we can stop being vigilant. Ensure you follow CDC and local orders to protect your party!

Stay Safe, Stay Distant
While nobody can wait for social distancing to relax, keeping some space is always a good idea, especially with little hands touching everything. Consider hosting your event outdoors, where there is plenty of room, and get kids excited with professional kids actors, costumes, and other low-contact idea. Swap out classic “touch” based games like tag for a fun trip in our video mobile truck, or snap commemorative photos.

Plan a Pre-Party Special
Let’s face it, your child is not going to be too happy about a “postponed” birthday party. However, you can still bring joy and the promise of excitement with our special pandemic-sensitive options! We can delivery a sneak preview of your kids birthday party entertainment in Saddle Brook right to your house—even as we are staying safer at home! Call today to have a special character like a pretty princess, super ninja, or animal favorite video-visit your child to let them know about their exciting, upcoming event, or (for those counties where it is permitted) have the character come right to your house and wave from the window!

During these difficult times, we must show our youngest and most vulnerable that life does go on, and with Parties for Peanuts, it can go on in a fun and exciting manner! To start planning your summer kids birthday party near Saddle Brook, contact the expert children’s entertainers at Parties for Peanuts today!