Planning an All-Ages Holiday Party

Want to surprise your child, team, or family with an amazing holiday party they’ll never forget? Work with the expert party planners at Parties for Peanuts for a customized holiday, or reward party! We are professional party planners in New Jersey, and we have so much to offer! Many people call asking for our “standard” holiday package and we have to let them know—there is no “standard” in such a highly customized field! We create unique, memorable experiences at your parties, and we’re sharing our favorite tips for an all-ages party right here.

Age Appropriate
Especially around the holiday times, your holiday party must be age-appropriate. You know that your two-year-old niece may love a party full of singing, dancing princesses, but what about your tween? Action and adventure characters may be more popular, and can work better for this age group. Even more, the types of activities that party-goers of different ages will enjoy will vary, as well as goodie bags, snacks, and choices of music.

Special Additions
For party-goers of all ages, you do best to meet their specific interests and to offer fun things they won’t find elsewhere. Fortunately, great party planning companies in New Jersey, like Parties for Peanuts, offer a variety of holiday themes and events. Snack your way through our popcorn machine, have a special holiday character visit your event, or schedule great music to match your theme.

All About You!
The most important thing about planning a great party? Make it all about your guests! Unlike visiting an amusement park or other activity, where the fun is designed for everyone, your private holiday event in NJ is all up to you! Use this opportunity to bring out the magic in the experience and create a one-of-a-kind event that will be talked about for years!

The team at Parties for Peanuts is always eager to customize your party experience so everyone has the best time possible. This holiday season, enjoy visits with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a North Pole Elf, or start planning your 2019 parties today!