Try These Tips For a Socially-Distant Kids Birthday Party Near Saddle Brook NJ

When the schools closed, kid rejoiced. When the kids birthday parties near Saddle Brook NJ started getting cancelled, however, kids and parents were equally unhappy. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot of fun out of 2020, but expert children’s party planners in NJ have been working hard with many families to make the best out of this very bad situation. If your child absolutely has to have a birthday party this summer, here are some tips to make it work!

Check the Guestlist
New Jersey has allowed for some eased restrictions, which means a party may still be possible! Remember, all indoor kids birthday parties in NJ must be at 25% of a venue’s capacity, or under 100 people. Outdoor gatherings can go up to 500 people, making that a better option for many parents. When inviting guests, consider the health of the child, parents, and other family members. Explain, especially to young children, that friends who can’t attend this year might be keeping someone safe. Remember that all guests must maintain social distance of 6 feet or more for safety and to comply with local laws. If you have a professional children’s entertainer at your kids birthday party in Saddle Brook, keep in mind that our costumes are not protective gear. We are doing photos and more to make up for all the hugs and high-fives we can’t give!

Stage a Car Tour
The best way to stay safe is to stay distant… but how can your child see her friends all around town on her birthday? Stage a car tour instead! For extra fun, call and coordinate with other parents and put out balloons or signs to celebrate the special day! This is a fun option that you can blend in with the rest of your kid’s birthday party celebration to include at-risk friends and
family members for part of the time.

Safe Outdoors
When it comes to spreading disease, you are really safer outdoors! With the hot New Jersey summer, this is a perfect time to use the backyard or visit a park. Expert children’s party planners in NJ will work with you to find a suitable venue, and will help to coordinate decorations, games, gifts, and more. While old-school, high-contact games might be out this year, the best kids birthday parties in Saddle Brook are planning socially distant scavenger hunts, personalized arts and crafts, and relay races that are fun and safe.
If your child is celebrating his birthday this summer, make sure he has memories of an amazing kids birthday party, not a pandemic. The skilled team at Parties for Peanuts is ready to help, providing plenty of video visits, socially distant visits, and appearances at outdoor events in addition to helping parents plan their kids birthday party. To celebrate in style, contact our
children’s entertainment experts today!