Should Your Child’s Superhero Birthday Party in Saddle Brook NJ be in Person?

If you’re planning a superhero birthday party in Saddle Brook NJ, your child is probably overjoyed! Finally, he gets to see his friends, celebrate, and maybe even meet his favorite superhero—or will the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way? As experts in children’s entertainment and party planning, those of us at Parties for Peanuts know exactly how challenging these times can be. After all, most of our children are set to return to school shortly, and the economy is opening up. Should we limit these engagements to just the necessities, or can we finally break out and have fun? Here are three big questions to ask yourself, because you and your guests for your superhero party in Saddle Brook may have different needs.

1. What are the family needs? When planning your child’s superhero birthday party, you need to be a superhero yourself! What are your family needs, and what are the needs for the family and friends who will be visiting the party? While children have mostly proven to be less susceptible to COVID-19, they are often carriers. If you have aging family members, or if your guests are at high risk, consider hosting a video party instead. Our children’s entertainers and party planners will work with you to create a fun, one-of-a-kind digital party, complete with a visit from your favorite character!

2. How will you minimize transmission risk? For some families, getting back to the normal is the goal. Adults are working, kids are in school, and many people are willing to attempt a version of normal. If this works for your child and her superhero party guests, fantastic! But consider holding a socially-distant party outdoors, sticking firm to local mask guidance, and reduce the risk of transmission by pre-bagging snacks, providing plenty of hand sanitizer, and making sure your little superheroes visit the superhero handwashing station! At Parties for Peanuts, we are always happy to help you come up with creative, no-contact games and party favors to match your theme!

3. Is it worth the risk? The most important question is whether you and your guests are willing to risk exposure to the virus. Even if you are not personally concerned about physical health, keep in mind that symptoms and a positive test could keep you and your family (and your guests!) stuck quarantining at home for weeks. Of course, your child will never have another fifth birthday, tenth birthday, or may not even be “into” a superhero party next year. Balancing the risks and the benefits is something each family must do on their own.

Whether you are ready to start hosting small, socially-distant parties in person, or if you would rather move your child’s superhero birthday party online with fun video visits and special surprise character visits outdoors, the expert party planners at Parties for Peanuts is here to help! Our equipment rental, custom character actors, and decorations can help you and your child escape our weird reality and make memories that last a lifetime!