Your Child’s First Birthday Party in Saddle Brook NJ Can Be A Socially-Distant Blast!

If you welcomed your child into the world last fall, it probably seems like the first year flew by, and you’re already planning your child’s first birthday party in Saddle Brook NJ! That first year flies for any child, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve probably had a lot more time to enjoy your baby’s first year. Ready to help her celebrate in style? The team at Parties for Peanuts is here to help you celebrate safely. Read on to find great tips for creating a fun, socially-distant first birthday party that will make memories for years to come!

Top Tip #1: Theme it!
Your kiddo may barely remember their first birthday party, but those photos will be amazing on socials! Even more, having a full collection of photos can help your child recall these memories with age, and look back fondly on the times they don’t quite remember. Even more, if you have older kids in the family, a thrilling theme can help them to feel more involved and excited to celebrate the little one. Some of our most popular first birthday themes involve pretty princesses, superheros, ninjas, friendly animals, and more. Does your little one have a certain something or someone that makes their eyes light up? Fill your party space with it and create a whole world of joy.

Top Tip #2: Embrace the Great Outdoors
In the pandemic times, everyone is extra attentive to safety. Don’t worry—an outdoors party can be a blast, even in the chilly New Jersey fall! Even better, outside is a wonderful place to stage blow-up play equipment, bounce castles, and carnival-style games. Always follow your state and local guidelines regarding face coverings, and find a big space where your guests can spread out.

Top Tip #3: Leave entertainment to the professionals
If even your one-year-old groans at those “dad jokes,” don’t worry—experts at Parties for Peanuts know how to bring joy to children (and adults) of all ages! While we must limit the contact that our professional children’s entertainers can provide, we are still offering socially distant character visits, DJs, and magicians to entertain from 6 feet or greater. See the joy in your child’s life when her favorite action star wishes her a happy birthday, or the wonder in his eyes when Mister Mouse does a funny trick!

Top Tip #4: Don’t forget the snacks!
The only thing that has come out positive with this pandemic is the snacks! For the kids who have been enjoying takeout at home, sampling homemade bread, or trying their hand at baking (or, for the very little ones, banging on the pans!), bring a special treat with delicious, party-style snacks! Our popcorn popper has been in high demand since the movie theaters closed, and our hot dog warmer brings back memories of days at the ball field. Follow the pandemic trend and bring it home with you when you rent a snack cart for your child’s birthday party.
Ready to have a good time? No matter what the restrictions are, the most important part of your child’s birthday will be spending time with well-loved family and friends and creating memories. Let Parties for Peanuts help you plan your child’s first birthday in Saddle Brook NJ and see how we help memories grow!