Here’s Why A Virtual Kids Birthday Party in NJ May Still Be A Good Plan

As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to loosen its grip, many parents are thrilled to be able to plan their kid’s birthday party after a year or more without much fun! But is it really time to go back to crowded parties with strangers? With new variants of the disease on the rise and school about to be back in session, many parents are wondering if they should host their child’s birthday party in person or virtually. Here are some reasons to consider staying virtual.

1 Children under 12 cannot be vaccinated.

Some of the most memorable parties are for the little ones—but these little ones cannot be vaccinated. When you plan your child’s first birthday party in Saddle Brook, you should be careful about the current virus transmission risks. Small children usually don’t like masks very much, either, so this can be hard to rely upon.

2 You moved house and all her friends are “back home.”

For many families, the pandemic brought about unique and different changes, such as moving to a new location! If your family has just moved to New Jersey from another state, your child probably hasn’t had a chance to make any local friends, yet. Why not make her princess party a virtual princess party so all the friends and family from back home can attend?

3 You have family or friends with health concerns.

If you have family members with health concerns, they may not be willing or able to attend the event with the increase in cases due to the new variants. This is exacerbated by the fact that your young child and the guests at his superhero birthday party probably cannot be vaccinated.

As the world begins to reopen, it’s important to be as careful as we can with those we love, and to make sure our kids can enjoy in-person learning again! Of course, we want them to have the best birthday ever, but in some cases, that might be a virtual kids birthday party in New Jersey.