Should You Have Technology at Your Next Kids’ Birthday Party in New Jersey?

Kids’ Birthday Party In New Jersey

When planning a kids birthday party in New Jersey, you want to give the kids what they want. For some kids that might be a mermaid themed birthday party, an ice cream themed birthday party, a festival filled with dinosaurs or zoo animals, or so much more. But ask most kids today what they really want… screen time! Should you bring technology to your kid’s birthday party? Keep reading to see how to do it in a fun, reasonable and parent-approved manner.

Keep Age in Mind When Planning A Video-Game Themed Birthday Party

Step aside princesses and friendly animals—today’s kids are requesting their favorite video game characters stop by to visit their parties! Whether your child would rather stomp mushrooms like their favorite plumber, eat a block-shaped cake, or battle it out with friends, make sure your choices are age-appropriate. Violent, multi-player games are certainly popular with kids as young as elementary school, but not all kids are ready for this sort of play. Consider the ages of your guests and the recommended ages to play those games before theming a birthday party around it.

Offer Fun, Hands-On Alternatives at Your Child’s Birthday Party

Just because your child loves screens and technology doesn’t mean the fun has to stay confined to the device! Why not send your little adventurers through a themed obstacle course from NJ’s best children’s party planners, or delight them with fun, festive snacks? Adults usually think of birthday party snacks as cotton candy, hot dogs, or slushies, but what if you re-imagine these as elements from your kid’s favorite game or online platform? With a little creativity (and stylish labels!), you can transform any old party snack into an “epic powerup!”

Build-in Structure and Limits When Your Hire a Video Game Truck For A Party

Has your child come home raving about a birthday party with a video game truck? That’s right—when home gaming setups aren’t big enough for the whole party, the best children’s party organizers have you covered! Our video truck comes equipped with five HD screens, plus two outside the truck so everyone can watch the game—up to 28 people! We bring all the best gaming systems and the most popular games. Help your guests set good limits with screen time and plan for the video game to arrive partway through the party, or for it to “go home” partway so your guests can enjoy the rest of the birthday party.

Ready to start planning the best birthday party ever? NJ’s children’s entertainers at Parties for Peanuts are here and ready to help with screen parties, theme parties, screen-free parties, or any other children’s birthday party in NJ.

Plan A Video Game Themed Birthday Party in Saddle Brook That Gets Kids Moving

Video Game Themed Birthday Party In Saddle Brook Nj

Do your kids spend every moment of free time in video game mode? Why not plan a video game themed birthday party? For kids that love nothing more than the adventure and delight of video games, a kid’s birthday focusing on their favorite video game will certainly be something they remember for years to come. Keep reading for fun video game themed birthday parties for toddlers, grade school kids, and teens!

Throw A Gamer-Friendly Birthday Party For Toddlers and Kids
Even the littlest kids are naturally drawn to video games! Just like the best kids birthday parties in NJ, video games are loaded with bright colors, flashing lights, prizes, and tons of fun! If your little one has a favorite video game, or if they are in love with blockbuster hits like the Super Mario Brothers movie, you can recreate these fantasy worlds for your kids party! Talk with the team at Parties for Peanuts about building your own fungus kingdom, erecting a bouncy castle for the princess, or even bringing a team of adventure-fighting plumbers to your next event.

Mine, Build, and Battle With A Themed Birthday Party
Elementary school kids know there’s nothing more fun than mining, building, and battling—in-game, that is! While many of these interactive games make parents cringe, recreating them in the real-world can be fun and safe—after all, your kids birthday party will only have her friends attending, not random internet people. Whether your child would be delighted by block-figure invitations, homemade “durr burgers” or “slurp juice,” or a real-life battle with prop “weapons,” our team of party planners can help you brainstorm.

Bring A Video Game Truck To Your Teen’s Birthday Party
Would your teen rather sit home and play video games than have a birthday party? Teens can be fickle, but they’re happiest when you let them take the lead. Bring the teen birthday party that adults will love too with a video truck! These amazing mobile entertainment centers accommodate up to 28 people, with 5 HD screens inside and two more outside. We bring all the vest gaming systems and today’s most popular games for you to enjoy in a climate-controlled setting with an onsite gaming expert.

If your kid begs for “more screen time!” and “more video games!” every day, why not fill their birthday with a day filled with their heart’s desires? Hire a video truck, party planner, or special character guest from Saddle Brook’s Parties for Peanuts and turn game time into birthday time!

Here’s What Your Kids Want For Their Birthday Parties in 2023

Kid's Birthday Party

Are you planning a kids birthday party in New Jersey? Make this one the best it can be when you try these awesome party planning tips for 2023! Here’s what all the kids want—and how you can make those dreams come true when you plan a kids party with Parties for Peanuts!

Fun Kids Birthday Party Activities
Nobody wants a boring birthday party! When you plan your child’s birthday party, you want them to have as much fun as they can—this can include songs and games, professional photos of your child’s big day, balloon sculptures, face painting, temporary tattoos, and tasty party snacks! If this sounds like a lot, it’s because we love to see these little ones have a great time!

Complete Your Kids’ Party in Ridgewood With Bounce Houses
What’s the number one thing you should have when holding a kids’ birthday party in Ridgewood, NJ? A bounce house! Whether you select a bounce house for a small group, or a combo bounce that has lots of places to play, your children will be delighted—and all the kids in the neighborhood will be jealous! If bouncing isn’t your child’s thing, don’t worry—our interactive inflatables have the perfect fit for any group of kids.

Bring A Character To Your Child’s First Birthday Party In Saddle Brook
Is there a superhero, princess, action figure, cartoon character, or friendly animal figure who your child would love to “meet” in person? Hire a professional children’s entertainer to bring that character to life! We have all the most popular kids’ themes, as well as classic holiday characters who can visit your party. Whether you have a party at home, a party at the park, or a party at a local organization like school, the children’s entertainers from Parties for Peanuts are always happy to bring the party to you!

Don’t delay when planning the best kids’ birthday party in New Jersey! Start planning now, and make sure to call Parties for Peanuts for the equipment and character entertainers that put the “wow” in your event!

Make Your Reservations Now For Next Year’s Best Kids Birthday Parties in NJ!

New Year’S Best Kids Birthday Parties In Nj

Is your child having a birthday next year? Of course they are! The real question is, does your child want the coolest kids birthday party of the year? If so, you should start planning now—especially if your kiddo has a birthday early in 2023. The best children’s entertainment options are already booking up, so start planning today. Need some ideas for an awesome kids’ birthday party? Here are our favorites!

Throw a First Birthday Party With Character Visits
A child’s first birthday party isn’t something he or she usually remembers, but the parents and friends do! What makes a better birthday tradition than letting your new one-year-old smash his face into that sweet, sweet cake, or watching all the kids run around playing games? Even better, you can bring live character entertainers to your party to amaze everyone. From classics like clowns and animal friends, to modern figures like ninjas and superheroes, Parties for Peanuts has children’s entertainment for all ages!

Get Those Kids Active With Inflatables and Bounce Houses
Today’s kids don’t get enough exercise. Fight back against that trend (and make all the kids in the neighborhood jealous!) with big inflatable toys like obstacle courses and themed bounce houses! Remember the joy you felt as a child flying over those vinyl pillows of joy? Your kids will love them just as much!

Plan a Princess Theme Party With Magical Snacks and Crafts
If you have a little princess at home, a princess theme party is the perfect match. Make it magical with special activities, crafts, and snacks themed to match! Our bubble shows are amazing for princesses of all ages, and best enjoyed with some royal cotton candy. Let those little princesses craft to their hearts’ desires with sand art or spin art, and when they’re all happily engaged, surprise them with a visit from a real princess!

When you plan a party with Parties for Peanuts, we can help make your child’s dreams come true.

Plan An Amazing Kids Party At Your NJ Organization

Kids Birthday Party In Nj

Do you run a preschool, daycare, or church organization? Are you planning a special holiday kids party for the little ones to celebrate with? If your organization would like to take that kids party up a notch, why not work with professional party planners in NJ? We’ve helped dozens of families and organizations coordinate entertainment for kids parties in NJ, and we can bring the fun to your next event as well! From Thanksgiving to winter holidays, to “just for fun,” we have something for everyone!

Bring a Character Actor to Your Kids’ Party in NJ
One of the top requests for kids parties this year has been character actors! Whether you bring a classic character, like a pretty princess or a fuzzy animal friend, or a holiday-themed special like Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, live character actors help transport your party to another universe! Of course, if your kids would rather party with the superheroes from the multiverse, we can arrange that as well!

Don’t Forget the Snacks!
What’s a party without snacks? When you party with Parties for Peanuts, we have the best party snacks that all the kids want. Enjoy freshly warmed hot dogs, mouthwatering popcorn, themed snow cones or a chocolate fountain. We work with all our clients to plan a kids party that is themed from top to bottom, including the snacks!

Kids Love Interactive Entertainment at Holiday Parties
We’re all trying to move more, and to give the kids a chance to move safely! Interactive entertainment is sure to be a hit at your school’s fall party. Consider renting a bounce house, inflatable obstacle course, bungee trampoline, or life-sized, interactive game for your next party in NJ.

Ready to start planning? Call Parties for Peanuts today to discuss affordable kids party planning for your organization!