Make Your Reservations Now For Next Year’s Best Kids Birthday Parties in NJ!

Is your child having a birthday next year? Of course they are! The real question is, does your child want the coolest kids birthday party of the year? If so, you should start planning now—especially if your kiddo has a birthday early in 2023. The best children’s entertainment options are already booking up, so start planning today. Need some ideas for an awesome kids’ birthday party? Here are our favorites!

Throw a First Birthday Party With Character Visits
A child’s first birthday party isn’t something he or she usually remembers, but the parents and friends do! What makes a better birthday tradition than letting your new one-year-old smash his face into that sweet, sweet cake, or watching all the kids run around playing games? Even better, you can bring live character entertainers to your party to amaze everyone. From classics like clowns and animal friends, to modern figures like ninjas and superheroes, Parties for Peanuts has children’s entertainment for all ages!

Get Those Kids Active With Inflatables and Bounce Houses
Today’s kids don’t get enough exercise. Fight back against that trend (and make all the kids in the neighborhood jealous!) with big inflatable toys like obstacle courses and themed bounce houses! Remember the joy you felt as a child flying over those vinyl pillows of joy? Your kids will love them just as much!

Plan a Princess Theme Party With Magical Snacks and Crafts
If you have a little princess at home, a princess theme party is the perfect match. Make it magical with special activities, crafts, and snacks themed to match! Our bubble shows are amazing for princesses of all ages, and best enjoyed with some royal cotton candy. Let those little princesses craft to their hearts’ desires with sand art or spin art, and when they’re all happily engaged, surprise them with a visit from a real princess!

When you plan a party with Parties for Peanuts, we can help make your child’s dreams come true.