Plan A Video Game Themed Birthday Party in Saddle Brook That Gets Kids Moving

Do your kids spend every moment of free time in video game mode? Why not plan a video game themed birthday party? For kids that love nothing more than the adventure and delight of video games, a kid’s birthday focusing on their favorite video game will certainly be something they remember for years to come. Keep reading for fun video game themed birthday parties for toddlers, grade school kids, and teens!

Throw A Gamer-Friendly Birthday Party For Toddlers and Kids
Even the littlest kids are naturally drawn to video games! Just like the best kids birthday parties in NJ, video games are loaded with bright colors, flashing lights, prizes, and tons of fun! If your little one has a favorite video game, or if they are in love with blockbuster hits like the Super Mario Brothers movie, you can recreate these fantasy worlds for your kids party! Talk with the team at Parties for Peanuts about building your own fungus kingdom, erecting a bouncy castle for the princess, or even bringing a team of adventure-fighting plumbers to your next event.

Mine, Build, and Battle With A Themed Birthday Party
Elementary school kids know there’s nothing more fun than mining, building, and battling—in-game, that is! While many of these interactive games make parents cringe, recreating them in the real-world can be fun and safe—after all, your kids birthday party will only have her friends attending, not random internet people. Whether your child would be delighted by block-figure invitations, homemade “durr burgers” or “slurp juice,” or a real-life battle with prop “weapons,” our team of party planners can help you brainstorm.

Bring A Video Game Truck To Your Teen’s Birthday Party
Would your teen rather sit home and play video games than have a birthday party? Teens can be fickle, but they’re happiest when you let them take the lead. Bring the teen birthday party that adults will love too with a video truck! These amazing mobile entertainment centers accommodate up to 28 people, with 5 HD screens inside and two more outside. We bring all the vest gaming systems and today’s most popular games for you to enjoy in a climate-controlled setting with an onsite gaming expert.

If your kid begs for “more screen time!” and “more video games!” every day, why not fill their birthday with a day filled with their heart’s desires? Hire a video truck, party planner, or special character guest from Saddle Brook’s Parties for Peanuts and turn game time into birthday time!