How to Give Your Little Girl An Empowering Kids Birthday Party Everyone Will Enjoy

Have you always dreamed of having a princess theme party? Have you counted the days until you could host a kids birthday party near Saddle Brook NJ with all your little princess’s friends? And has your little princess decided she wants nothing to with that tiara, or that ruffly dress? It can be tempting to give your child the birthday party you always wanted, but remember—your child is her own person! Read on for great tips for an empowering kids birthday party in NJ!

Let Her Choose the Kids Birthday Party Theme

Before you start buying party decorations and hiring children’s party entertainers, ask your child what she would like the theme of the party to be. What does she love the most? Does she really, really love princesses, like you did as a child, or is she more into cute puppies and animal characters? Does she fantasize about riding away on a white pony, or riding into battle on a giant wolf? From pop culture to real-life jobs, most young kids have something they go wild for, so theme your party around this idea!

Plan A Gender-Neutral Themed Party for Kids

If your child doesn’t fit neatly into a stereotypical mold, don’t worry—you’re planning a party for kids, and there are plenty of kid-friendly things that aren’t “just for girls” or “just for boys.” Planned well, superheroes of today welcome everyone, and animal characters appeal equally. One of the most popular themes for kids birthday parties in Morristown is the “escape room,” a series of riddles and brain teasers that the participants must “unlock” in order to win. This is a great way to play during a Zoom birthday party! There are so many themes for these, you’ll be able to find something that appeals to all your guests!

Only Toys Belong in Boxes!

Finally, remember—only toys come in boxes, and once they come out, they mingle! Empower your child when you ask “what would you like at your birthday party?” and really give them the chance to answer. Adults like consistency, but if your kiddo wants a birthday party with both ninjas and princesses, who’s to stop it? Fantasy means that everything doesn’t have to be by the rules.

Ready to empower your child with a welcoming, friendly, and fun birthday party? Ditch the old ideas and welcome the new—today’s kids are ready for it! No matter what kind of party you plan, make the day extra special when you rent snack machines, hire a character actor for a special visit, and coordinate decorations to match!

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