Save Money On Your Kids Birthday Party in NY With Professional Entertainment

Now that the world is back in gear, parents are planning kids birthday parties again! But if you’re trying to plan a special day on a limited budget, you may find yourself shocked by the prices of popular party destinations. It can cost so much to take your child and her best friends to an amusement park, arcade, or other popular destination, and it might not even be what they want! Save money this year and bring the professional children’s entertainers right to your home or a local park! Keep reading to see how Parties for Peanuts lets you host an amazing party… you got it, for peanuts!

Rent Inflatable Kids’ Party Toys and Snack Machines in Saddle Brook

Your kids love to run, jump, dunk, dive, and more! But admission to a theme or amusement park isn’t cheap—do you pay for the guests, or do their parents pay? Can you afford to invite all of his friends, or will he have to pick the “best” friends? Why not bring the fun right to your space so your birthday party guests can enjoy it all? Parties for Peanuts in Saddle Brook New Jersey has many inflatable obstacle courses, bounce houses, hot dog warmers, cotton candy machines, and more, available for rental. It saves tons compared to the overpriced goodies at local parks!

Hire A Professional Entertainer or Character to Visit Your Englewood Party

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, why not bring a professional children’s entertainer to your party in Englewood? Whether you hire a silly clown to make everyone last, a pretty princess to instruct everyone on the elegance of royalty, or a team of ninjas to help with a secret mission, our children’s entertainers will deliver a one-of-a-kind experience!

Capture Their Best Birthday Party Memories in Morristown

If you’ve ever been to a commercial birthday party and been informed that “photos and videos are not allowed,” you’re wasting your money. If those places do let you take photos, do you ever feel like you’re advertising for them for free when you post those photos on social media? Capture the best birthday party memories when you work with a children’s entertainment company in NJ. We even have photo and video booths designed to give your kiddos the best pics ever—complete with props and backgrounds!

Don’t let the current economy scare you away from hosting a spectacular birthday party for your child—call Parties for Peanuts and let us know your budget. We’ll work with you to create the best birthday ever!